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 Bad Beats forum

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PostSubject: Bad Beats forum   Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:32 pm

I think especially for new and experienced players for them to speak about their bad beat would be a great thing also. This let's people know that it isn't only happening to them and that it's just being unlucky, or maybe it wasn't a bad beat and the player didn't know they played the hand incorrectly.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Beats forum   Sat Mar 07, 2009 1:53 am

There is plenty of space to discuss hands - in fact unlimited.

If you read my introduction I hate whiners and incessant whining. That is one of the reasons I made my own forum. The other reason is it is a place where you can in a mature manner, write what you like - diagree or agree if you like but members who are comfortable with calling other members names and stirring up "stuff" will not be here long. I accept that there are those who find it great fun to do this and some forums who support it - not here.

Everyone here who knows me knows that.

I purposely omitted a "bad beat" forum because the fact of it not being here does not limit or prevent discussion of hands and play good or bad for understanding but it does get the point I made above across. In my opinion there is far to much of "I played this" and "that moron played that" bad beat discussion. I don't find it helpful to understanding and discussion of tactics and as far as beginners it inhibits their discussion. I know this because after one such "critique" of a beginners play and my "argument" with this "expert" who was wrong by my account and others far better players than I. I received over 100 e-mails saying essentially what I have just said. Other forums can have whatever forums and categories they like - so can I.

Simply put - this forum is not the place for people who want a place to whine and attack others - not here.....

If it is your intention to discuss hands, share your knowledge and help players with less skill - how about starting by posting some handsand starting a discussion. That will be much more demostrative of your willingness to help than to suggest you cannot because a bad beat
forum is not here.

Merlin333 Cool

Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake - Napoleon Bonaparte'
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Bad Beats forum
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