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 Forum Tool Bar - 2.1

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Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 Empty
PostSubject: Forum Tool Bar - 2.1   Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2008 10:57 pm

Click Toolbar Button to Download Forum Tool Bar

Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 NAV_TOOLBAR

The toolbar is a fantastic way to keep on top of Forum content, Forum games,
Poker news from national sources, Poker Radio and game password and information alerts. The toolbar is compatible with FireFox or Internet Explorer browsers- If you use either, you can use the toolbar. It has popup blocker to stop annoying pop-ups, system security, a privacy button that gives you a measure of safety and protection (it is not a substitute for heady-duty virus and firewall protection), includes a cookie cleaner, history cleaner, search & cache cleaner. The toolbar includes a radio player that includes stations with music of all types (including stations in Canada and your local area) and internet podcasts like Mike Matusow's "Mouthpiece" show and Rounders Radio. The toolbar links back directly to the main forum pages and some forum content.

The tool bar will change color to match the active skin on your browser. After installation, to insure your toolbar is current, use the refresh command on the first selector to update your toolbar from time to time.

This toolbar has a community function [Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too11] this allows you to add your existing toolbars from other websites into one, remove the clutter from your screen and to easily switch between them by clicking the "plus" sign above.

note: The toolbar will match whatever color scheme your browser has. Which icons are visible depends on your screen width when your screen is not wide enough to display the entire width of the toolbar, click the last selector on the right to display remaining options.

A new TV player, represented by the icon to the right, has been added to the toolbar. In addition to expanded channels - movies can be added. PM with requests and I can add channels and movies. Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 Avatar12

Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too10
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too17Selector - Between menu icons and on the end of the toolbar. This displays the options that are available to the command icon to its immediate left. For example on the Forum icon, it displays the forum pages you can go to. This selector has options to add and hide other buttons, launch other programs and configure the toolbar to your tastes.
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too18Search Bar-This is the typical search bar to locate information in the internet. Change width by dragging right side.
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too19Forum Pages - Clicking the selector here displays the forum pages - click the specific page you want to got to
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too20Messages - This enables you to send a message directly to anyone else who has the toolbar.
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too21Radio - If you want music while you play - this is it. The radio shows here are of every genre including, R&B, pop, Rock, Pop, Country etc. Canadian stations and local stations are included. If you have a station that you'd like to add - PM me. The radio looks like this [Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too10 ] when your toolbar is \\\\\\\"shrunk\\\\\\\"
2.0 - RSS News and Archived content has been moved here from the RSS reader button on 1.0 -
RSS News feed - Displays CardPlayer Magazine and/or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds available on the News Page in the forum. Installed are Cardplayer Magazine Poker news feeds, Mike Matusow's \\\\\\\"Mouthpiece Show\\\\\\\" and Rounders Radio past show archive (Listen to the live shows in the forum).
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too22Gadgets - This menu has an array of gadgets. A gadget or widget is a small program that performs single task. They are all self-explanatory. See the help/link below for a little more specific gadget info.
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too16Notes -Notes/Todo list This displays an electronic notepad. You can record the daily games you are playing or opponent notes. Much better than post its on your PC. added 2.0
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too25Weather - \\\\\\\"Mouseover\\\\\\\" the weather icon to give you the local weather.
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too24Pop Up Blocker - This is no substitute for industrial strength virus protection but the browser does provide an easy to use popup blocker and a quick way to clear your cache, cookies and browser history. To clear search history click the selector next to \\\\\\\"Merlin333\\\\\\\" and click \\\\\\\"clear search history\\\\\\\"
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too13Ticker - Scrolls important messages, game times,game wins, etc. (this may not be visible if your toolbar is \\\\\\\"shrunk\\\\\\\")


The second selector has a command that will shrink/unshrink the toolbar: use it to make the toolbar match the width of your screen and to make all toolbar options visible when you shrink the toolbar.

Upgrade : different from refresh, it actually replaces the toolbar software with a more advanced version. Typically the forum will notify you when it is time to use this function.

Refresh : different from upgrade, it adds any updated content (radio stations, programs,news) to the toolbar.

Alert Messages : When your toolbar is active you may receive alert reminders of game schedules that look like this:

Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too12

Notes/Todo List : [
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too15] to write down today's game schedule, it's a lot better than pasting post it's all over your PC...

Babylon Translation box : [ Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 M3_too14] This gadget, at the last menu selector on far right side of the Toolbar >> translates languages. When you get a player at the table speaking in a language unintelligible to you, use it to translate what's being said.

Mail notification: It is the type that requires you to divulge your password to enable software checking your mail. I NEVER RECOMMEND using this. Partially because I'm paranoid partially because I believe it makes your susceptible to snooping. Anytime a person OR software has your access anything can happen.

>>: This is the Last drop down menu box at the far right of the screen. It contains the remaining last menu items that cannot fit or be displayed on screen. Having a high resolution/larger screen or clicking the "shrink toolbar" command allows as many of the menu items as possible to be displayed. (Ticker, Messages Gadgets, Privacy, your local Weather,, GoogleMaps, Babylon Translation box and Yahoo Music).

Labpixies : Very cool internet streaming Television! You can see any television network station that streams free video and even add your own streams.

TV screen
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 Pixie_10
get / add additional stations
... 1 thru 5
..... .Channell
TV Controls
Right click screen to control volume or display full screen.

Labpixie help link : PixieTV Help

Download the Forum toolbar 2.0 ToolBar Grade
Update your browser

Foxfire 3.0.3 (Recommended)
Firefox 1.4 or earlier
Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 FF3_80x15_b
Internet Explorer 7.0
Internet Explorer 8.0 Bete
Internet Explorer 6.0 or earlier
[url= Explorer 7&DisplayLang=en]IE 7[/url]
IE 8

Opera 9.6
Opera 9.5

Flock Social Browser[url=][url=]Flock[/url][/url]A
Safari (PC & MAC)[url=]Safari[/url]B
FireFox Recommended *

When you click help/about. there are literally 100's of additional gadgets you may find useful and interesting.

Merlin333 Cool

RSS button removed
RSS content & Podcasts incorporated into Radio
NotePad button Added to tollbar front/removed from gadget menu

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Tool Bar - 2.1   Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 05, 2009 11:30 pm

Is the toolbar link not working or is it me??? Very Happy
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Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forum Tool Bar - 2.1   Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 1:28 am

anyway you can get wwe smack down on the tv?
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Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forum Tool Bar - 2.1   Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 07, 2009 2:31 am

I just tried it and it worked for me?

Click the button that says toolbar at the top.

Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake - Napoleon Bonaparte'
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Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Forum Tool Bar - 2.1   Forum Tool Bar - 2.1 I_icon_minitime

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Forum Tool Bar - 2.1
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