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 APCW & UIGEA / All Organized efforts to "bring back internet poker"

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PostSubject: APCW & UIGEA / All Organized efforts to "bring back internet poker"   Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:39 pm

Much of this "Black Friday" internet gaming backlash was supported by many, many complaints both local and national regarding the real or perceived lack of fairness, transparency and statistical losses in internet poker games. This was exaggerated by responses that ranged from bewildering, to BS to the infamous boilerplate letter issued by FullTilt that everyone got when complaining about anything;the our RNG is perfect don't ask
anymore letter - I'm sure you have one - I have many.

Organizations like APCW, UIGEA are fine but concentrating on ushering in legal online gaming with no similar, loud and constant call to bring it back fair, audited, and with assured data integrity is a fools errand likely to have bigger fallout that coming back without this guarantee/restrictions.

P.S. have you ever heard of your bank funds being routinely redirected to another without the bank finding out/acting on your complaint/not saying don't worry it didn't happen? I haven't. Each and every time there was a problem they detected it before me, fixed it while they investigated and never brushed me off with boilerplate. Certainly these are capabilities available to anyone doing honest business electronically these

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APCW & UIGEA / All Organized efforts to "bring back internet poker"
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