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PostSubject: TEXAS HOLDEM TELLS   TEXAS HOLDEM TELLS I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2009 6:59 pm

  • What are poker tells?

    A "tell" in poker is when you pick up on a behavior of another player
    that gives you a clear message communicating the strength or weakness
    of their hand. When most people think of poker they think of tells and
    bluffing. Picking up on someone elses tell is supposed to enable you to
    stomp all over them in a game.
  • Texas Hold'em Gambling
    you only play sometimes or play in home games with your friends you may
    not want to play tight aggressive poker. Tight aggressive poker is
    usually not as fun as gambling -- much like many other things in life
    taking the safe bet isn't always the most exciting.
  • Texas Hold'em Hand Groupings
    Below you will the modified Sklansy fixed limit Texas Hold'em Hand Groupings. The poker hands
    are listed in groups from strongest to weakest. Also within each
    grouping, the stronger hands are listed first so in Group 2, TT is
    supposedly stronger then AK.

  • Sure Ways to Lose in Texas Hold'em
    following is some pitfalls that most players fall into when playing
    Texas Holdem. By reading these tips hopefully you can save some money
    by not doing the same.
  • Making Money Playing Texas Hold'em
    the average Joe off the street thinks of poker, the last thing to come
    to their mind is a game of strategy, discipline and preparation.
    Instead images of guys sitting around a kitchen table smoking
    cigarettes drinking beer and calling out "give me four cards" are
    common; a game where the ability to bluff and call peoples bluffs makes
    you a winner.
  • Texas Hold'em Bankrolls
    article isn't an indepth look at poker bankrolls but just some general
    guide lines for beginners and how much you should bring with you when
  • Get Some Sleep, And Knowing Your Limits
    probably should have spent more time with that title. Oh well, I
    already saved the file. In any case, I'm going to tell a little story
    with some rambling lessons mixed in. This was a few months ago. The
    reason I'm adding it now and not before is because I just realized that
    reading other player's stories is interesting, especially if they may
    play bigger games than you do.
  • Leave Yourself An Edge
    is larger now than ever before. Between online poker, expanding brick
    and mortar cardrooms and home games, finding action has never been
    easier. All this equates to options. You have options for the stakes
    you play, where you play them and which game you select.
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