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PostSubject: TEXAS HOLDEM GENERAL STRATEGY   TEXAS HOLDEM GENERAL STRATEGY I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 06, 2009 6:58 pm

General Strategy

  • The Basics of Cash Game Poker
    poker began, there were no tournaments. The idea of a poker tournament
    was effectively unheard of well into the 20th century. When the World
    Series of Poker came into existence in the 70s, tournaments were still
    the province of only a select few professionals.
  • Possible Texas Hold'em Leaks
    Texas hold'em is a great poker game that has enthralled millions over
    the last decade. A great many of those hold'em players probably feel
    that their results are not as good as they would like them to be or as
    they should be. It's important for good online Texas hold'em players to
    be able to plug leaks in their game. This is impossible to do without
    first identifying those leaks. Here are some common leaks in a player's
    online Texas hold'em game.
  • Pot Limit Texas Hold'em Strategy
    Texas hold'em has been popular for some time, and many poker players
    are ready for new challenges. One such challenge may be pot-limit Texas
    hold'em, a game that requires some subtle strategic adjustments from
    the no-limit game.
  • Facing Flush Boards in Texas Hold'em
    common situation in Texas hold'em arises when you have a made hand and
    are facing a board with a draw. Your typical approach will be to bet
    and make your opponent pay for the opportunity to catch the card that
    beats you. However, what happens when that card comes? Do you
    automatically give your opponent credit for making his hand and forfeit
    the pot?
  • Limping in Texas Hold'em
    question that commonly arises in Texas hold'em is "to limp or not to
    limp?" Limping means flat calling the blind rather than coming in with
    a raise. Some players say never do it, others swear by it. As with many
    aspects of poker, it often depends on the situation.
  • Railbirding - Learn Hold'em By Watching
    are many advantages to playing online poker. You don't have to travel
    anywhere, meaning no travel time and no travel expenses. You don't have
    to tip waitresses or dealers and you can always find a game. However,
    many players neglect to think about another big advantage to online
    poker, which is online railbirding.
  • Handling the Turn When a Draw Hits in Texas Hold'em
    the turn in Texas hold'em can be tricky business. While different poker
    situations will require different strategies, there are some basic
    approaches a player can take to turn play that should make things
  • Flopping the Nuts in Texas Hold'em Poker
    the "nuts," or the best hand, in Texas hold'em poker would seem to be
    an enviable spot, and it is. However, just because you have the best
    hand on the flop does not mean you can play the rest of the hand on
    autopilot. You need to consider how to bet in order to extract the most
    from your opponents and to make them pay for trying to draw to a hand
    that will beat you.
  • Poker: The Art Of Bragging
    all seen him at the poker table: The braggart. He arrives at the table
    letting you know that he'll soon have all your chips. He'll remind you
    every time you bet that he's not afraid to go all-in with you. Maybe
    he'll win big, maybe not, but he'll leave the table the same way he
    came in, making sure you know that, at least in his mind, he's the best
    there is.
  • Playing a Lot of Hands in No Limit Texas Hold'em
    of the first things poker players learn is to try not to play too many
    hands. Playing too many hands is one of the most common mistakes new
    players make. If someone is playing consistently weaker hands than
    other players, they are putting themselves at a decided disadvantage.
  • Extracting the Maximum in Texas Hold'em
    of the most fun that can be had in no-limit Texas hold'em is when you
    have the winning hand. There's nothing like holding Ah 5h and seeing a
    third heart hit the board on the turn. Some new players may assume that
    hands like these play themselves. In fact, in no-limit hold'em,
    maximizing the value of your winning hands is just as important as
    getting away from losing hands, if not more important.
  • Maximizing Your Poker Profit with Rakeback
    wants to be a winning poker player. Seeing players win millions on the
    World Series of Poker or World Poker Tour has inspired thousands to get
    involved in the poker explosion, hoping to win their own big score.

  • Knowing When to Quit in No Limit Texas Hold'em
    Texas Hold'em can be a real roller coaster ride. Depending on the
    stakes you play, you can find yourself up or down hundreds or even
    thousands over the course of a few hours. The question many players
    struggle with is when is it time to quit? Since the goal in poker is
    simply to win as much money as possible, how do you know when you have
    reached or failed to reach that goal?
  • Playing Pocket Pairs Pre-Flop in Texas Hold'em
    element of Texas hold'em poker strategy that many players struggle with
    is how to deal with pocket pairs before the flop. Pocket pairs are
    interesting in that they tend to have stronger pre-flop value than most
    other hands, but can get progressively weaker as the hand continues. A
    pair of deuces beats ace-king, but most players would rather see a flop
    with the two high cards than the lowly bottom pair. Playing winning
    Texas hold'em strategy requires a solid plan for your pocket pairs.
  • Playing Sets in Texas Hold'em
    have a winning Texas hold'em strategy means knowing what to do in a
    variety of situations before they ever occur. Texas hold'em poker is a
    game of decisions, and in the no-limit variety of the game, they can be
    big decisions. Having a repertoire of strategic ideas at your disposal
    will make it easier to make more decisions that are correct over the
    course of the session. One situation you should know how to handle is
    what to do when you make a set.
  • Shifting Gears in No Limit Texas Hold'em
    you haven't heard the term "shifting gears" as applied to No-Limit
    Texas Hold'em poker, you'd better learn it quick. The ability to shift
    gears is a crucial skill in no-limit hold'em, and no matter what their
    style, every pro poker player knows how to take advantage of this idea.
  • Texas Holdem Secrets
    not that complicated to become a winning No-Limit Hold'em player. Most
    online poker players have knowledge about the basic winning strategy
    including pot odds, hand strength, position play and bankroll
  • A poker hand consists of five cards

    Community cards are K, K, Q, Q, 5

    Player 1 holds J, 8

    Player 2 holds 8, 5

    The question is: Which Player wins? My theory is the K, K, Q, Q are
    discounted because neither player has any advantage with them;
    therefore the 5 pair (player 2) wins. The other theory is the best 5
    card hand: K, K, Q, Q, J (player 1) wins.

    This actually happened and could not be resolved. The pot was split between the two players.

    /John E. Rowe
  • Playing Suited Connectors
    you are an intermediate poker player, most likely you are playing poker
    with the standard tight and aggressive style. The style usually plays
    only with strong starting hands and has you play them aggressively both
    pre and post-flop. While playing tight-aggressive is a winning
    combination for most poker players, advanced players often increase the
    range of hands the play to vary up their game.

  • Misc Thoughts On Live Poker Versus Online Poker
    Cheating Holdem Poker Games:
    I think it's a good idea to mention cheating when we are talking about
    poker in general and specifically online and regular casino games. Not
    many people are worried about being cheated when they play holdem at a
    real casino; they are more likely to be worried about some superstition
    (a "bad" dealer for them, etc).
  • Texas Hold'em Training
    a big fan of training. The main hobbies/interests of mine have always
    been those that I did day in and day out and slowly progressed at. You
    do the sport/activity because you love it and years later you look back
    and realize how far you've come.
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