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 What is important to YOU if poker becomes legalized in the USA?

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PostSubject: Re: What is important to YOU if poker becomes legalized in the USA?   Mon May 05, 2008 6:36 pm

Well it is unfair to begin with.
First-our money has been taxed
Secondly-We pay fees for transferring minus the lack of tax write off.
Third-Its a general pool we buy into. We lose, no write off, win they want to know every penny you made for taxable income.
Fourth- The fees for withdraw are outragious. No write off ability for the fee.

True I feel it needs to be regulated. Look at if from this point of view. Millions of people that have credit cards default, thus these companies get to write off there losses at the end of the year and still hire out collection agency to try to recoupe even more money.
Thus poker sites gain on the backs of the Tax payer for they don't have to report yet.
There are few way to deposite that would put the burden of proof on the banking institute to verify age, but you and I know you can get around that. Person to person transfers will have to cease all together to inforce this action for the safety of underaged gambeling, and for the bleeding hearts out there that feel they are the moral majority and security minded. These people need to stay out of my constitutational right to pursue my freedom of choice. I am not out there trying to tell them how to live there lives out side there corrupt system they dwell in.

We need a seperation of state and church. We need a single banking institue to handle all transactions and record keeping. As A player paying all these fees on my already taxed money. I fee I should not be unfairly taxed on money that is taxed four times before I get it back if I was to break even.
I could go on and on with this subject.
But yes proper legeslation is need, but in a world arena. For it is a world market they where trying to for in the first place.
Better auditing is needed.
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PostSubject: What is important to YOU if poker becomes legalized in the USA?   Sat May 03, 2008 6:56 pm

APPA (Poker Player Alliance) The PPA is an organization instrumental in trying to get the restrictions on online poker lifted. In addition to the issues I mention in my letters to him and the PPA (see the blog pages) I have another issue I'd like to see addressed.
That issue is deposit / cash out processors.

o Why are they necessary / Why do they exist ?
o How does it benefit me, the player ?
o Why can't the sites accept a direct wire ?
o Do the sites get a "rakeback" ?

I think they are flat-out UNNECESSARY, they're like vultures and siphon your profits like an additional tax. If you take into consideration the fees and the "float" (interest they accrue while your money is in "transit" or "processing" they must make millions just for adding an extra bureaucratic layer between players and their money.
It would seem to be good business practice and profitable for the sites and good practice and profitable for the players for the sites to handle their own transactions.

What issues are important to YOU ?
What do YOU think ?

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What is important to YOU if poker becomes legalized in the USA?
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