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In part 2: The discussion was of the "house shill or Bot "would be more accurate in dealing with the on-line venue.
The program is now A viable working program without glitches, my four counterparts are considering the uses for it, because "greed" knows no barriers and they have done some research, into the financials of poker stars and full tilt and the dollar signs appeared in their eyes and demeanor. This was a by-product of the road I set them on that I don't think I like, but have no control over. The simple fact was I had suspicions that i couldn't shake, The fact that my grandfather was in the gaming industry and I had a "background" from which these suspicions sprang. Yes there are copyright infringement complications that might arise , but since it's after the 19 of Jan. in the U.S, many of them will be rendered null and void, opening the door a crack, to my associates.
The shill or bot works perfectly now and plays the entire tourny, from start to conclusion, has some losses and many wins. we ran a test using 100 tournaments , set buy-ins, and fluctuated the amount of entrants.
The buyins were from the 1.00 range to 50.00 , we used the [pokerstars payout schedule and house rake .10 for the 1.00 and 5.00 for the fifty buy in, then let her go and played 2 just 2 bots in each tourny, and let them run to conclusion.

The amount from just this small # of tournaments was A shock to me I had come in much lower on my prediction. then I opened pokerstars and looked at the "playing ,in progress tournies took a quick cursory count and did the math, now the word is they are raking in "ASTRONOMICAL SUMS" and yeah I now see how and why they sponsor so many players to the w.s.o.p and all the other events, it is a solid strategy, for keeping the site filled with players, because on every one of those broadcasts they are mentioned, they grab any players headed for the top three tables throw money at them, to wear their hats and shirts. Let me say this with the different buy ins and just a 100 tourny base the amount that the house took in in that five and A half hours the tournaments Ran was 23,318.00 not bad for less than six hours work. That was just tournies, now factor in the "ring games" and man the picture is to big to fit in the smithsonian they wouldn't be able to get it on the docks lol.
I now know what I set out too, whether you chose to belive it or not is entirely up to you, whichever way you fall on the subject I "KNOW WHAT I HAVE SEEN WITH MY OWN EYES" and now have no more doubts. It was fun all except the end game when the greed started "separating" the engineers. gl to all and hi Merlin if you happen to read this!!

Ron aka csmron!
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Post on Tue Jan 20, 2009 8:22 pm by Merlin333
Very interesting. What do you say of whether the algolrithms sites use to identify such play will reduce (not prevent) "botplay"???

Merlin333 Cool


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