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 Special Notice

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PostSubject: Special Notice   Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:55 pm


Several Members have asked about being moderators, the likelihood of being able to have their own page ala RailBirds and my membership at CardsChat.

This software does not have the capability of having multiple pages like
RailBirds. I think RailBirds in a lot of ways, besides software is
simply the most expansive, excellently executed, best marketing
concept of all forums I am aware of - I simply cannot offer additional
pages because my software cannot accommodate it.

While I'm really proud of the fact that this forum has achieved a google traffic number of 3 (really good for a new, small forum like this and I must say the same as RailBIrds when I last checked), It's a little premature to have moderators - if you think otherwise I'll listen to your point.

The offer:

I am willing to do this because I think it is time...

I am offering, starting December 1st, 3 members their their own forums.
Essentially it will be just like the "Affiliate Corner" and my forum.
These members would have their own, named forums that will have a
photo/graphic of your choice - you can write/blog about mixed subject
matter (poker, personal etc ) of your choice there. The requirements
are that you make a least 3 posts(not responses to existing posts) a
week. The restrictions are the same as being a member - no baseless,
disparaging remarks about other forums or players, no constant whining about bad beats and "donks" and I would expect you and your writings to be a good ambassador to recruit new members to the forum no to mention personal publicity.

So, any who are still interested just PM me and give me a synopsis of what you want to do (we'll work together to incorporate it into a mission statement of your forum).

Good luck to any who want to participate!!!

As some of you know I also have a fulltime job and what started out to be a personal poker blog ended up with this forum. It has taken a lot
longer than anticipated but has been a lot of fun and an interesting, frustrating and educational experience - it is finally finished*!!


Many of you are friends and associates I have met from other forums of which I am a member. Not being one to spread miscellaneous gossip , I have not answered the question some have asked about my membership at CardsChat - this is my public answer so as not to be misquoted. I have been banned from CardsChat - as they were not forthcoming as to the reason for banishment, the best I can discern is when someone here, on the rail during a game, asked about theOmegans Challenge contest during one of their games - a member indicated they did not see it posted and I said it's not on CardsChat it's on my forum - this was seen as "promoting another forum". I fully understand the necessity of respecting forum membership - answering a direct question clearly is not "promoting opposition". I understand the concept of rules and restrictions - in fact I have had such an issue here with a player I respect - I like to think I handled it promptly, directly, properly and professionally.

The reasons for rules and restrictions should have more to do with agreements between forums, following the rules of membership, having reasonable redress and disclosure, willingness to share promotion and protecting your traffic - kind of basic issues. I think every player is internet savvy enough to find and join whatever forum they want - most
(apparently not all) forum owners are smart enough to understand they
can't prevent that. Different forums offer different things - I join
whatever forum I want and respect the rules of each. Every player should understand that no forum wants to be placed in a position of promoting a forum that won't reciprocate the favor, is counter to its plan or breaks agreements a forum has with an affiliate. I met some great people and players at CardsChat - that will remain. I think those of you who know me would agree that I have been respectful of the rules of all forums of which I am a member of AND I promote forums that deserve it, to other players.

I understand by running my own forum, the necessity of maintaining some direction and control over content - I hope I 'm at least rational and honest about it.

OK that's that.


Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake - Napoleon Bonaparte'
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Special Notice
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