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 The ups and downs what is your reaction

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PostThe ups and downs what is your reaction

When all is right with the world and I'm hitting those one outers, in hands i have no business being in ,,in the first place. Then poker is ok, alright, I mean like man it's outta sight. Then comes the other shoe, on the other foot. "They are hitting the one outer, while my time is spent hollering at the monitor. How could they play that hand, you have got to be kidding, only A fool (you know like me just last week) would call with those cards, yata yata yata. The one constant in poker is the "bad beat" the reason it's "Bad" is because it happened to you when you had the stronger starting hand. Key word happens to be "starting" which in no way should be confused with "finishing".

Is A part of "poker improvement" and growth the time when we gain the understanding that "it is as sure to happen as the need for oxygen, so afterwards let it go after A mild vent!! then get back in there and don't give up "chip and A chair and all that poppycock lol" Well lately this is where i have arrived. just let it go "BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT" and tell that slimy virtual dealer just deal the cards and shut up no one wants to hear your opinion!!!!!!!!!! bounce Razz
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The ups and downs what is your reaction :: Comments

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The ups and downs what is your reaction

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