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 Poker Players Get your mind right!... Food for thought!

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PostSubject: Poker Players Get your mind right!... Food for thought!   Fri Apr 25, 2008 7:01 am

Poker Players Get your mind right!... Food for thought!

Poker Players Get your mind right!

1. You can be beaten by a player with lesser skills

. Just because you're holding it is not guaranteed to hold up

. That goes double for , and

. It also applies to any hand, not the best hand, on the river

5. The river does count. Winning on the river
happens to every player just like losing there. Winning on the river does not diminish the value of the pot. That you took a "bad beat" does not change the fact that if you are in fact a good player, as opposed to just thinking and yakking about it, you will net beat players who chase a 2 outer to the river.

. The hand will be contested as long as more than one player is in the hand

. You have not won until the cards are
shown down - this is at the end of the hand OR everyone else folds. It may feel good to feel that everyone will fold because you're in the hand but you're delusional

8. While you can accurately determine your opponents pockets - maybe they cannot, they may call your bet having mistaken your better pocket pair and beat you on the flop with trip sixes! In other words deal with the fact "going in" with the best hand while vastly preferable does not guarantee "coming out " with the best hand

. The fact that your hand is actually better than your opponent's will not magically cause that player to automatically fold. Remember unless the deck is stacked or tipped, you are really the ONLY one who knows what you have.
It is not against the rules to be called or bet back at while you hold prime pockets

. There is no pre-flop hand guaranteed to win after the flop - not one!

. When a player is playing poorly, constantly
reminding said player of this may cause him to quit fooling around and play well enough to bust you.

. When commenting on someone's poor play, comments like "you luckbox, non-playing sob" will not be considered constructive, helpful hints. When you tell someone the story of busting out, "venting" and giving "helpful hints" they don't believe you either.

. Sitting in the losers lounge commenting on others play does not make you appear to be a knowledgeable or even as good as those who have not yet busted out. Calling them and their mothers' names, challenging them to "real" or h/u games, commenting on how you can bust them, this game doesn't matter,you had to go anyway, how much better you are than
they etc., etc, etc., just makes you look stupid and any one of the players will lay you 1,000 to 1 their next hand beats yours......

15. Sitting at the table, making "expert" comments on
others play (especially while shortstacked) , "you should have done this","you should have done that","wasn't that bet too big" also makes you look stupid.

Think about it

ps. If you think this is a "bad beat" blog YOUR MIND IS NOT RIGHT..................
It is a quality, strength of character and how you
handle winning and losing determines if you are a winner or a loser blog......................................................

original quote from "Cool Hand Luke" 1967 starring Paul Newman:
You run one time, you got yourself a set of
chains. You run twice you got yourself two sets. You ain't gonna need
no third set, 'cause you gonna get your mind right.

Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake" - Napolean Bonaparte'
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Poker Players Get your mind right!... Food for thought!
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