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 Freerolls are good...

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PostSubject: Re: Freerolls are good...   Sat Aug 09, 2008 8:15 pm

Good run today in the rounders thank you freeroll theOMEGAN. I wound up 11th.

I had a great time after weeding threw the table ticks.
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Grand Wizard
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PostSubject: Re: Freerolls are good...   Mon Aug 04, 2008 8:57 pm

I just love this post, goes to show that money can't buy you happiness. I for one love a freeroll to take the egde off and actually have fun with the game and see something I have been overlooking for some time at a decent price!!! Free.....

Freeroll are my experiment and test ground to tune or strenghten something I have been working on. Why put money on a hunch when you can do this for free......

Donkey callers are the greatest people to mess with and mark them as such. For they are the greatest player in there own right mind, not ()FISH) Note there weaknesses and exploit them everytime you see them.
Also, freeroll are just that. A very inexpencive way to try and grind it out. and freeroll will always let you know that you are actually a long shot to begin with and shouldn't expect a cash everytime and expect to get sucked out alot. So play small ball and go far. Never risk it unless you know you have better than 75% edge.

Thats all for now, Good post M. Keep em comming
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PostSubject: Freerolls are good...   Sun Aug 03, 2008 7:22 pm

Today I read blog after blog by players who made the claim that "freerolls are a waste of time, worthless", "only Donkeys play freerolls", "freeroll whores this and freeroll whores that". I cannot think of poker truisms that are more untrue.

The tone in many of these posts had an obvious background of "I'm too good","why waste the time". I agree - if your skills and bankroll are complete enough so that you never need to work on your game and you can afford to pay as you tune your game then you're right. I have a different take on Freerolls 1.) Many freeroll players are good players, many forums I participate in, a Freeroll player not the buy-in game winner won the yearly major tournament that's a fact, both KAMRON and strider239 come to mind. They both won a WSOP seat's in a series of tournaments against buy-in and freeroll players. 2.) I for one would not have nearly the experience or level of game I have now if not for freerolls. That level is debatable, but however weak my game is it would be much weaker if not for freerolls - whatever strength my game has it is because of the availability of freerolls. I probably would not even be playing if they were not available.

Some of the conversation about freeroll play is full of "that Donkey played this and that Donkey played that" - I suspect most of it is because no one likes to lose particularly against a long shot. Often a careful read of the post shows it to be devoid of enough information to determine a "donkplay" was made or betrays the author to have made a poor decision. Typically, but not always, good players take fewer long shots so in a "good game" with "good players" you're not likely to see someones "big bet Aces" get caught by a caller with 72os because a player who knows their chances in such a call with a hand statistically likely to lose won't take the chance. In a "good game" the opposition is unlikely to put you on 72os if you make a big bet giving you the respect of "a good player must not have 72os to make that bet". It is more likely in a game where the loss is small and/or the person may not know the odds that such a play is made. Deal with this fact "bad beats" happen in any circumstances at any skill level - you can't handle that, you can't deal with your AK getting busted by 22 don't play poker.

Nothing is wrong with freerolls, just know that you are likely to face some situations that will beat you solely on luck. Think of yourself as Muhammad Ali in a street fight - you just might get bit, hit with a stick or kicked in the balls - this shouldn't happen in the ring but it might. (Hmm I guess it has)

It's kind of funny when you hear players with no accomplishment talk down Free roll players and games then you observe their play and find their knowledge is not what you may have inferred from the "authority" of their commentary. Have you ever noticed how most of the players who make big money in poker rarely make grandiose statements of their skill or the lack of skill of their opponents? OK Hellmuth is one who does but my guess is much of his "stuff" is for TV personna reasons - he couldn't really believe that stuff could he?

Freeroll play is a valuable tool in becoming a better player and as in all games there are players who have a wide range of skill. Don't be dissuaded from playing when you can. Play with diligence and like it's real money in freerolls (frequently it is) - track your play and results, what happened, try the things you know or read about to determine if and when they have worth - remember being immune to naysayers is an important skill. Eventually you'll be able to beat the players who say freeroll play is worthless.

Keep this in mind the next time you read a blog where the author is negative about freerolls and sounds like they just missed being ITM in the last WSOP by complete chance on the river - Most of them can't beat the two players above anyway so what do they know..........

Merlin333 Cool

Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake - Napoleon Bonaparte'

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PostSubject: Re: Freerolls are good...   

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Freerolls are good...
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