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 OK here I go again - even David Skalansky is a namecaller

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OK here I go again - even David Skalansky is a namecaller Empty
PostSubject: OK here I go again - even David Skalansky is a namecaller   OK here I go again - even David Skalansky is a namecaller I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 04, 2008 7:28 pm

I listen to each weekly PokerStars VIP Pokercast. I find the guest interesting and informative. It is always interesting to hear well known players speak extemporaneously - it gives a small insight into who they are.

From what little I know of Hebvad Kahn (RainKhan) , I have a lot of respect for him as a person and a player. Although some feel differently because of his "performance" during the WSOP, my respect for him comes from watching him in many games on Stars where every non-playing loudmouth called him all manner of names - he ignored, then busted them all in turn. I watched a similar performance from Greg Raymer as railers made all kind of negative remarks both personal and about his skill - he too did not reply but played a masterful game. Being a player of only a few years I am of the opinion that the anonymity, cowardice and a relative lack of being able to quantify the accomplishment of many players gives those with no class and high "volume" carte blanch and tacit permission to make all manner of derisive comments to players - mainly in an effort to hide their lack of class and skill. It is doubly sickening and small that many hide behind calling it "venting","" and "teaching the donk", "getting the opposition to tilt" and "so what". I'm certain these people would be hard pressed to make these same comments in person.

It seems that there are more players who have accomplished nothing who feel comfortable attacking opponents from long distance. There does not seem to be many pros who fall into this "stuff", the most visible fall into two categories - the "attack guys" like Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matasow,Tony G and the "over the top guys" like Phil Laak, Umberto Brenes. In my mind they are differentiated in that one group directs their energy inward the other directs it at their opponent. I don't know any of these people so I can't say whether these are carefully crafted "TV personnas" or a representative segment of typical personalities as they exist in life. Some of the antics seem manufactured to me, but I guess it is a combination of the two and/or the need to be interesting on TV.

What caused me to write this is my surprise at David Skalansky on this weeks PokerCast. I have seen him fewer times than many but he appeared to be an intelligent, accomplished, older gentleman. I have never seen him so much as slightly have issue with other players. It seemed totally out of character for him to call people "morons" - which is the signature term of every internet namecaller I've ever seen. Of course like any player, I've seen (and made) many a stupid play but unless a player starts calling me names, I'd feel more stupid than I felt they were if I stooped to sitting there typing a lot of derisive remarks negatively characterizing them, their play, their mother, etc.

That I feel perfectly fine with returning smart-aleck remarks and hold the position that if they'd say that in person I'd be kicking their a## means I have some growing up to do myself.

I must say it seems wholly contemptible when a person who can't play relies only on namecalling as a "strategy" or a cover for poor play. Sklansky who writes poker books, carries himself as and wants to be thought of as an intelligent professor of the game and is one of it's elder ambassadors should be able to communicate at a higher level than the young players he seems to hold in some contempt. I note that he said this after making comments about the "arrogance of internet players". My bet is that Raymer, Kahn and most of the top players/ authors/ ambassadors of the game are not so inclined to namecall. It is a little more understandable when an unaccomplished "19 year old" uses such language - I can't imagine other elder statesmen of the game like Dan Harrington or Doyle Brunson speaking publicly in this manner.

I have always equated the namecalling and childish, derisive remarks to lack of accomplishment,lack of character, lack of class and lack of quality I guess in Skalansky's case, having won poker games, having authored poker books and achieved a level of fame in this game did not result in comparable personal growth.


Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake - Napoleon Bonaparte'
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OK here I go again - even David Skalansky is a namecaller
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