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 Security info!!!

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Security info!!! Empty
PostSubject: Security info!!!   Security info!!! I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 10, 2008 1:17 pm

OK I admit to being paranoid about PC security - add to that the possibility of being beaten by a player who can "peep" my hole cards and .... well we all have at least a some interest in this area.

I have tons of security on my PC and generally felt secure even though it seems that far too many players are playing weaker cards and catchig a miracle to crack by better hand on the river. OK I'll attribute that to online-holden-paranoia (OHP). Well I found something today from a "PC-guy" that I think helps and may help you.

First you have no business playing online poker for money if you don't have basic security, say SpyBot (Free) and Zone Alarm (Cheap). There are a myriad of other programs that perform security on a PC. I am advised that teo other steps that should be taken is to not divulge what security is running on your PC (free) and don't download executables (programs) with scanning them first for viruses. Here is another thing. I mention the Opera browser, which is one of the browsers this forum is programmed to run. It has a "widget add-on" program called Secunia PSI. This is a pretty advanced security program and it is free. The way to get it is download the Opera browser, Click Widgets and add the Secunia widget and run it. Jim (the computer guy) kept telling me to download it - I thought "yeah right that's just what I need - I'm SURE I got no security holes". Well I downloaded it and found there to be security holes on my machine and security holes in some poker programstoo! It downloaded patches and fixed them - voila'.

The only problem is that it gives me one less "reason" to whine.  

Check it out and let me know what happened/what you found if you do. I suggest you access the settings menu and uncheck the option that allows the problem to show ALL security concerns.


p.s. Check the Browser download to locate the Opera download link

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Security info!!!
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