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 AN Easy way to calculate pot odds - the rule of four two..

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PostSubject: Re: AN Easy way to calculate pot odds - the rule of four two..   Tue May 13, 2008 9:04 pm

yes, the 4/2 rule is simple when applied correctly.
Just remember when you have straight and flush draw and some of the outs to your straight make your flush, to remove those two cards from your calcuation.

IE you have the 910 of Diamonds and the flop is JD, 8D, X
you have 9 to the flush and 6 to the str8 draw for 15 outs not 17.

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PostSubject: AN Easy way to calculate pot odds - the rule of four two..   Wed Apr 23, 2008 3:50 am

Not everyone is able to calculate the exact odds in the middle of a Poker game. But knowing your "outs" is a fundamental necessity of playing a sound game.

One way around this problem is to memorize the odds for the most common situations and draws. Another way is to an Odds Sheet which can help you calculate your odds in any situation. All you have to do is count your outs and check the Odds Sheet to know the probability for your draw. (the opposition will love you at the table)

There is a quite simple rule that will give you an idea of your odds. The rule is often referred to as The Rule of Four-Two.

The Rule of Four Two is an easy way to calculate the odds for any situation where you know how many outs you have. The rule is not completely accurate, but will give you an idea of your chances for making a hand.

On the flop you multiply your number of outs by four. On the turn you multiply your number of outs by two. This will not give you an accurate estimate, but provide you with a quick figure to work with.

If for example you hold two suited cards on your hand and the flop shows another two of your suit, you want to know the odds of making your hand. We know there are thirteen cards of each suit in the deck and since four of them are already in play we know there are nine remaining cards that will make a flush (9 outs). With two cards to come you multiply the nine by four and you get 36 percent chance of making the flush. The Odds Sheet shows 35 percent which is quite close.

If you don't hit the flush on turn you have one more card to go. If you multiply nine with two you get 18 percent, which is fairly close to the true value in our Odds Sheet 19.6 percent.

The Rule of Four Two is not totally accurate and you want to be careful using the system on a draw with a high number of outs. It is, however fairly easy to understand and will give you an idea of your odds.

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AN Easy way to calculate pot odds - the rule of four two..
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