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 9 Tips from Hellmuth

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PostSubject: 9 Tips from Hellmuth   9 Tips from Hellmuth I_icon_minitimeSat May 24, 2008 4:15 am

9 Tips from Hellmuth

  1. Solid poker decisions are not made quickly. Take the time you need to fully assess each and every situation.
  2. Bluffing only works against smart players. You can only bluff someone who is smart enough to recognize the hand that you are representing, and has the discipline to lay down a decent hand.
  3. There is no such thing as being pot committed if you know you're going to lose.
  4. Trust your gut. If you have a feeling you should call, you probably should. The same goes when something makes you feel uneasy; folding at such times is probably the best policy
  5. Folding before the flop is a powerful tool. Most amateurs play too many hands. Remember that
    most pros see less than one out of four flops!
  6. The most revealing tells might not be physical at all, but might be based on the way a player habitually bets during particular situations. For example, the player may always check when he has made the nuts, or may regularly fold after being reraised.
  7. Patience is the key to playing poker at a high level. Itís easy to become frustrated by aggressive
    players, but being patient and picking your spots judiciously will give you the advantage in the long run.
  8. Pay attention to the hands your opponents are playing. Keeping track of their game will prepare you to play against them the next time.
  9. In order for the check-raise to succeed, someone needs to make a bet behind you. If no one makes a bet, you have missed out on adding money to the pot in this round, and any opponent with a drawing hand gets to see a free card. If there is any doubt, it is always better to bet a strong hand.
The strength of a hand is tempered by position, blinds/antes, game level, opposition strength, player skill and your knowledge of how to properly apply each in the current situation.

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9 Tips from Hellmuth
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